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By Joe Nunziata

Spiritual Selling 2.0 combines powerful energy principles with proven sales and marketing strategies. The book and program are designed to change the way you think about sales, business, and success. You will discover the power of the Attractor Sales System™ and become a magnet for new business and opportunities.

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Discover the Attractor Sales System and Turn Yourself Into a Magnet for New Business and Opportunities

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Spiritual Selling 2.0 will show you how to stop chasing and start attracting the perfect clients for your business. This Book includes: 

How to Shift Your Energy and Increase Your Sales

How you feel determines your level of success. You can do everything right and still struggle to make sales. You will discover a powerful energy-clearing process to increase your energy and power.

Stop Chasing, Start Attracting Your Ideal Clients Now

Salespeople have been conditioned to chase business. In higher energy, you understand that the act of chasing actually repels prospects. You will start attracting the ideal clients and opportunities as you shift your energy. 

The Power of Process

We are living in a physical world and it is important to operate within that framework. You will see the power of developing a sales process and systems that can be duplicated and improved to dramatically grow your business.

Leaving the Box of Fear

Our society has been conditioned to live in fear. This has been perpetuated by our homes, school, religion, the media, government and corporations. Discover the secret to leaving this box of fear and become empowered.

Think Less, Feel More

Overthinking blocks your flow of energy and connection to infinite intelligence. You we see the power of disconnecting your thoughts and become more aware of your emotions. As you master your emotional-self you will begin to flow like never before.

Receiving Your Money

Feeling worthy of receiving your money is critical to your development. Ever sale is an exchange of energy and the universe seeks a balanced exchange. You must know and feel the value of yourself and what you sell to move forward.  

"This is the only book I have ever seen that seamlessly combines spiritual laws and sales. This is not about techniques it shows you how to make internal changes that will impact your outside world. For my money, this is the best book out there for entrepreneurs and salespeople."

Dr. Joe Vitale, Author of the "Attractor Factor" and many other titles

"From my first conversation with Joe, my practice started to change. It was as if my attraction level was raised just by talking to him. I am attracting more of my ideal clients now and more than that, I'm getting more and more clear on how to market myself. Even more, Joe armed me with the emotional support and technical tools necessary to identify my goals and make them a reality. I am creating a totally new company that is much more focused, effective and productive. Thank you Joe!"

Stacy Francis, Francis Financial

The Days of the Hard Sell Are Over

"The days of the hard sell are over. In order to succeed today and to enjoy your career in sales, you need to position yourself to get people come to you. That is exactly what Joe teaches you how to do in Spiritual Selling. Hey, it worked for me!" Robert Levin, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher "The New York Enterprise Report"

Tired of the Push and Pull

"If you are tired of the push and pull that comes with traditional methods of selling, Joe Nunziata's book Spiritual Selling is a must have. The principles Joe teaches are based on attraction rather than force. His approach is not some pie in the sky theory. Rather, he skillfully shows how you can begin attracting business to you rather than chasing after it. More business than you dreamed possible. Regardless of what you sell, this book will enlighten you in ways you never imagined." Kathleen Gage author of "The Law of Achievement"  

About The Author

Joe Nunziata is a best-selling author, business consultant professional speaker, and life coach. He has been delivering his life-changing message at events and seminars since 1992. His enlightening programs are a unique blend of spirituality, psychology, philosophy, and the power of internal energy.  

Joe teaches that to make permanent changes you must clear your negative energy and break destructive patterns of behavior at the core level. This transformational process creates new energy and beliefs designed to help you achieve sustained, positive growth in all areas of your life.  
He has appeared on many television and radio programs including Good Day New York and Street Talk on Fox TV, Gaiam TV, Cablevision News 12, Better TV, The Braveheart Network and various radio stations across the country. Books include: Chasing Your Life, Karma Buster, Spiritual Selling, Finding Your Purpose and No More 9 to 5


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    -How to Clear Your Negative Energy
    -Building Your Sales Process
    -Creating More Opportunities

    -6 Audio Sessions
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