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"I have just completed reading up to Chapter 2 of your new book Karma Buster 
and I am completely taken aback by the content of this book. I have worked on the meditative 
exercises to delve deeper beneath the surface emotions of anger and frustration, , to feel 
the real emotions deeply and let go."

Amin Shah, Boston, MA

"Joe - I just want to say that your book Karma Buster has literally changed my life and most of all my thinking. I have spent the last 21 years on self development. I have bought every CD, DVD and book you can imagine but this just resonated with me. I could totally relate to you from your European family heritage and what comes with that through to some of the examples you kindly shared in your book. Well let me just say that I started to apply the tools you shared and I can say hands down that this works. I felt different - liberated, free, clear. I released a lot of tears throughout the process but I just let it be. I have been applying the exercises on a daily basis when stuff comes up and I never knew that I had these suppressed these feelings."   
Mary Ashton, Melbourne, Australia

"I received an email in December advertising your book Karma Buster. I am an Emotion Code practitioner and (starting out as a) life coach so I ordered your book - well it totally surpassed my expectations! It goes right to the heart of things, by far your best work to date. The moon chakra is entirely new to me - what a discovery that is."
Congratulations and a big thank you from Canada!

Chris Chimbers, Ontario Canada

"Wow. .. just had a long conversation with a homeless person..... talked to him about God and finding love in his heart. Went through a "cleaning out the basement" exercise taught to me by Joe Nunziata in Karma Buster....the man sobbed and started feeling some love. .WOW. .. I touched someone and made a difference tonight. 
Wanted to share this. . not for kudos- but maybe just maybe we can all touch one life tonight. .. just open yourself up, talk, and show some love."

Brenda Tobin-Flood, Winnsboro, South Carolina

Complete Home Study Course Plus Bonuses

4 Important Things You Will Discover

  • Real Deal with Karma Busting
    Your new definition of karma plus a powerful energy-clearing process that will help you clear negative energy on a daily basis. As you clear this energy you will change your internal energy and begin to attract what you desire.
  • Your Karmic Wheel
    Uncover your karmic wheel, this is the key to your patterns, beliefs, and cycles of behavior. You will be given the tools to break your current wheel and stop creating your future based on old feelings and beliefs. You will be free to recreate your life in an entirely new way.
  • Why You Selected Your Parents
    Many people struggle with this concept but it is a key element of your karmic development. You will understand why your parents are perfect for the work you are here to complete in this lifetime. You will also discover how your resistance to the similarities you have with your parents is blocking your flow and prosperity. 
  • Your Karmic Map and Chakra Energy System
    Everything in this world is energy. Your karma is also energy and that energy is being held in your Chakra Energy System. Gain a greater understanding of how this energy flows and creates your life. You will also discover how to increase your energy flow and power. 
  • Plus Powerful Energy Clearing Meditations You Can Use Immediately to Clear Your Negative Energy Now

Program Includes:

-4 Powerful Audio Sessions (mp3)


-Karma Buster eBook

-7 Keys to Transformation Audio (mp3)

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Receive the Complete Home Study Course Plus My
Karma Buster eBook as Bonus >>



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