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We Will Focus on These 4 Key Areas to Create Higher Energy and New Opportunities 

To make lasting changes in your life it is critical to elevate your awareness and continue to make positive adjustments. Books, seminars and programs are great but without continuous support it is virtually impossible to consistently move your life forward.  

Coaching can be very helpful as well, but many people may not be able to pay for it or do not stay with it long enough. That is why I created the Higher Ground Membership Program. This program is designed to give you continuous support week after week, month after month, year after year. The membership also includes a live webinar with a Q&A period plus recordings.  

You will shift your internal energy and beliefs as you continue to grow. As this happens you are changing your frequency (vibration) of energy. The result, you begin to create new opportunities, possibilities and positive changes in your life.  

You will break old karmic energy cycles and begin to create your life in a whole new way. This is all part of the emotional journey you are here to experience. You will learn to see yourself and life from a completely different perspective. When these elements are working in unison your energy is elevated and you move into a state of flow. Life becomes easier and more peaceful. You will let go of the struggle and pain as you move into a state of peace, joy and prosperity.  


Your connection to your higher-self and spirit is critical to being fulfilled in all areas of life. This is not about religion, it is about your divine connection to the universe. We are all one energy and connected. We are all here to make the world a better place and elevate others. When you are connected to source energy you will move into a flow and make your life much easier. Your spiritual connection will be aligned with the other three bodies to create the ultimate balance in your business and life. You were meant to flow and live in balance and abundance. This program will help you achieve this feeling in all areas of your life. 


Your emotional being is what creates your energy and vibration. This vibration is the key to what you attract and create in your life. You can practice being positive all day long but in the end you must feel good and believe to truly attract what you desire. Your emotions are the most powerful force in your life and you must make changes from the inside to create better results in the outside world. This is a key area of work in this program. You will discover powerful energy clearing processes that will help you release any negative emotions that are holding you back. Our objective is to create congruent energy regarding your desires, feelings and beliefs.


What you think about most and believe is what you create. Your belief system is based on what you learned and absorbed. Even though you may not be aware of it you are still carrying old, limiting beliefs from your childhood. Every person on earth, regardless of their level of success, is holding some of these old negative beliefs. We will uncover these limiting beliefs and bring them into your consciousness. You will elevate your awareness and then have the tools to release and reprogram these damaging old beliefs. This will become a daily exercise that will dramatically increase your rate of growth and success.


How do you feel physically? Creating a positive life requires you to maintain high levels of energy. If you are experiencing physical pain, feel unhealthy or find yourself living with high levels of stress your energy will be affected in a negative way. This program will provide key adjustments that will help you shift your physical body. You will discover the keys to creating a stronger, healther body. This will result in higher levels of energy, less stress, better health, more confidence and vitality.  





"Joe shows you how to seamlessly combine spiritual energy principles in all areas of your life. This is not about techniques, he shows you how to make internal changes that will impact your outside world. For my money, this is the best program out there for people who want to make changes now."

Dr. Joe Vitale, Author of the "Attractor Factor" and many other titles

"Joe has a profound gift for explaining esoteric concepts in ways that people can access and understand them. What I appreciate most about Joe is that he will offer examples of his own trials and tribulations so that you feel understood wherever you're at in your Journey. Joe will guide you to your own inner wisdom with love, compassion, and wit. Not to mention he is funny! He'll make your soul laugh while you're uncovering it."  

Vanessa Soriano, California  

"I have been putting into practice what I’ve learnt through the program. I have found a sense of freedom I’ve not known before. I no longer feel like the “victim” of life." Now I have the power to make the changes I know I deserve."

Sandy Campbell-Ontario, Canada

"Joe has been a force in my life for more than 10 years during one of the most challenging periods of my life. His compassion and generosity taught me lessons I needed to learn; how to put them in perspective and to grow from them. In my role, I recommend Joe’s books and webinars to the folks I meet every day in the hopes of helping and sharing, and paying it forward."

Diane Aurelio-New York City

As a Member You Will Receive

To make lasting changes in your life it is critical to elevate your awareness and continue to make positive adjustments. You will shift your internal energy and beliefs as you continue to grow. As this happens you are changing your frequency (vibration) of energy. The result, you begin to create new opportunities, possibilities and positive changes in your life. You will break old karmic energy cycles and begin to create your life in a whole new way. This is all part of the emotional journey you are here to experience. You will learn to see yourself and life from a completely different perspective.  

Live Spiritual Saturday Webinars

On the first Saturday of each month you will have the opportunity to attend a live webinar with me. This interactive session gives you the opportunity to ask live questions and connect. All sessions are recorded and available in the member area within 24 hours. 

Instant Inspiration Weekly Audio

Each week you will receive your Instant Inspiration. A special audio message to help you stay informed and on track. You will receive a new message every week.  

Audio and Video Training Sessions

New audio and video trainings are always being added to help you elevate your energy and awareness. You will also receive video clips from live events and sessions. 

Member Exclusive Energy Updates

As a special bonus you will also receive exclusive energy updates. These audios will keep you up to date on powerful energy shifts and changes taking place.

Full Access to the Complete Library of Trainings

As a member you will have instant access to all of the trainings and Spiritual Saturday recordings and insights. Each session is labeled by topic, so you can go right to the information that is most important to you at the time.


Karma Buster Program Did you know your karma is the key to your entire life? If you want to know why you are doing what you do, or why you seem to be stuck in certain areas of your life, you must look to your karmic map. The concept of karma has been around for thousands of years, yet every person seems to have a different definition. What is the true definition of karma? This enlightening program will show you how karma is working in your life and how you can clear negative karma now. Highlights include: -Your New Definition of Karma -How to Identify Your Karmic Wheel -How to Release Your Ego-Identity -How to Clear Your Negative Karma and more Includes: -4 Audio Sessions -The Karma Buster Book -The 7 Keys to Transformation Audio  

The No More Mental Barriers Program  

Do you feel stuck in certain areas of your life?  

Are you frustrated because you have tried many different techniques and still can't seem to get past your core blocks?  

The reason your barriers are so difficult to remove is can't see them. The first step is bring these emotional obstacles into your consciousness. You will heighten your awareness and finally be able to identify and clear the barriers that have been standing in you way.

Highlights include: -Powerful 9-Step Breakthrough Process -How to Work from the Inside Out -How to Remove Your Resistance and Fear of Change -The Power of Unlocking Your Emotions and more Includes: -6 Audio Sessions -How to Uncover Your Hidden Mental Barriers-Report -Bonus Audio

Finding Your Purpose Program You came here with a specific mission and purpose. Many never allow themselves to follow their true passion. This is based on many factors including, what you learned at home, fear of failure and lack of confidence. Now it is your time to follow your heart and create the life you came here to live. Finding Your Purpose is a Practical Guide to Help You Connect to Your True Mission Here on Earth. Highlights include: -How to Connect to Your True Mission and Purpose -How to Follow Your Inner Voice and Trust Your Feelings -How to Avoid the Big Trap That Will Stop You Cold -Powerful Energy Shifting Exercises and more Includes: -6 Audio Sessions -How to Adapt and Thrive in the New Economy-Report -Bonus Audio  

This is What People Are Saying About Joe's Work

"Your work is so inspirational and helpful and gave me the strength to tell myself and the universe that I do want change and I know it will be hard but I am willing to make the change happen. That following Monday, I used my newfound confidence when I interviewed for a new position. Two days later I was given the offer. I start my new job and my new life with a better company, better pay, and better benefits. I just wanted to thank you for sharing with others your knowledge and for inspiring people that we can change and giving us to tools to make that happen. Thank you again. I am very very grateful to you."  

Lynn Sogi -Kansas  

"Can you be high-vibrational and down-to-earth at the same time? That's Joe - completely authentic, an excellent teacher, good listener, and kind-hearted. Joe makes you feel 'heard' without judgement, and he is skillful in his ability to encourage you to go deeper to uncover and unravel your core issues. I deeply value his expertise and his friendship."  

Scott Harrell-California  

"Joe is one of the most powerful mentors in my life. He helped me gain clarity for business 14 years ago and then gain clarity in my personal life 3.5 years ago.  

He understands what is needed to get beyond the current struggles in your life. And he knows what blocks a company of people from reaching new levels of potential. I had struggled for years with low self-worth and after Joe was able to help me clear the energy that I had been holding on to - I had a dramatic transformation from the inside out. He helps you get results."  

Kevin Huhn-Toronto, Canada  

"1 of my favorite things about Joe is he is not “airy fairy” in his approach or delivery of what he teaches. He is relatable and straight to the point, I love that! I find that because of how he teaches, I can really grasp it and utilize it. It’s quite calming which helps me have better understanding so I can move forward. Highly recommend Joe (must bring your sense of humor to the table, wink wink!)"  

Stephanie Havelka-California  

"My organization teaches that the privileged white culture oppresses minorities, and as a Hispanic, this made me feel horrible, and I refused to believe that any minority is a victim. Joe's program confirmed to me that karmic outcomes have more to do with how you feel about yourself, and that no one has power over you, nor do they control your outcomes. On Spiritual Saturday Joe gave us the analogy of Jesus going to the cross, and Pilate telling him that he has all power and authority over him, but Jesus replied and said that no one has power over him, and that he is just on his path that was given to him from above. A few days after starting the Higher Ground program, without any thought, I asked my boss for a much deserved promotion that I had been waiting for, and within 2 hours I was officially promoted and with an even greater salary increase than I anticipated, and it is because I believed that I deserved it!"  

Vicky Gonzalez-New Mexico  

Your Own Personal Coach at a Fraction of the Cost No Risk or Obligation

I have been helping people for over 30 years so I know the power of one-on-one coaching and training. Individual coaching is a great option but it can be expensive and out of reach for some people. The Higher Ground Membership gives you the power of 24/7 access to powerful coaching at a fraction of the cost.  

You will receive all of this information, inspiration and high energy for only $19.95 per month. There is no obligation and you may cancel your membership at any time...keep all of the bonuses as my special gift.

15 Day FREE Trial
Only $19.95 per month after FREE Trial
(No Obligation-You May Cancel at any time without penalty) 

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IMPORTANT Information

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You may cancel your membership at any time without penalty. Your membership will be cancelled, and your card will no longer be charged.  

"Joe, your work was a great opening into what's possible. Learning to 'be' with my emotions in loving acceptance has been profound. Thank you so much for your work."

-Cynthia McGrath, Illinois

"Thank you so much for your wonderful insight and information which you have shared so far during the course. I’m finding it so helpful and I’m learning so much about myself which I was ignorant to before. So THANK YOU :) I’m sure you get lots of gratitude emails and you deserve every one :)."

-Hayley Hladilo, Canada

"I learned the power of making mental/emotional shifts and changing my energy. The only way to go forward is to change from the inside out.."

-Robin Potter, Pennsylvania

" I have learned a lot in the personal development field during these past years but I feel that this course is one of the most serious, well-structured and powerful I have taken. It is daring, challenging and really addresses the basis of our existence as humans. I have found its exercises extremely thorough and encompassing. They uncompromisingly strip you of your mask/disguise, shield and fences that distance you from yourself and others. They enable you to truly meet yourself, at last, as you are, with all your power and inner beauty and enable them to shine through as the dawn of a chance for a new life."

-Liaura Zacharie, Jerusalem, Israel

Get Started Today! Try the Higher Ground Membership-Only $19.95 per month (No Obligation-You May Cancel at any time without penalty) 

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