Discover the Secrets to Uncovering Your Unconscious Blocks and Clearing the Negative Energy That is Holding You Back in Life

We will answer the big question... Why are you stuck or struggling in certain areas of your life?

I always believed that hard work and determination were the keys to having everything I wanted in life. Armed with these beliefs I went out to conquer the world filled with the harsh judgment of those who did not choose such a path. After years of hard work and incredible effort I found myself bankrupt twice by the age of 30. This situation was extremely difficult for me to understand and accept. How could all of my hard work and determination result in such failure?  

T he good news was, this failure opened me up to new possibilities and a different way of seeing the world. I was fortunate to attract many powerful teachers including an enlightened master who taught me how to clear my negative energy and create different results from the inside out...a whole new way of operating for me.  

I discovered that my life was being created based on my internal feelings and beliefs. Another hard pill to swallow based on my go out and do it mentality. I wasn't stuck because I was lazy, not smart enough or had bad luck. It was all coming from my feelings and beliefs.  

Your life is a reflection of how you feel on the inside. These feelings create a vibration of energy that goes out into the universe. This vibration is then reflected back to you, creating your reality in this world. All of your significant changes must take place from the inside out. Once you embrace this concept incredible miracles are possible in your life.

I Was Shocked

You will be shocked to discover, as I was, that I actually wanted to struggle. I know that may not seem to make sense but this is not happening on a conscious level. It is happening on a deep unconscious level and it is tied to your feelings, beliefs and identity.  

No one woke up this morning and said, "I want to be sick, lonely and broke." The power of this work is showing you how to move past your conscious thoughts and out of your mind. This is where you a getting trapped in the same old cycles of behavior.  

Now you will have the tools to identify and then clear the negative energy and beliefs that are holding you back in all areas of your life. This is not about learning is about a transformation from within. Real changes only occur when you shift your internal energy and beliefs.  

This is What You Will Experience  

After more than 25 years of doing this work I have created a very powerful process we will use to help you move though your blocks and transform your energy. The good news is you will be able to use this process again and again as new situations come up in your life.  


You must become aware of your patterns of behavior and emotional cycles. Without this awareness is not possible to move forward. We will bring these patterns and cycles to the surface so they can be easily identified. This will help you stop your negative cycles before they start building momentum.  

-Daily Awareness Exercises -How to Adjust Your Energy in the Moment -How to Stop Being Reactionary -Creating a Different View of Any Situation -Understanding Your Identity  

Your identity plays a very important role in how you see the world and process emotions. We all have, and require, an identity to have this experience in the physical world. It is important to truly understand and manage your identity for move forward.  

-How Your Identity was Developed -Uncovering Your True Identity -What to Keep and What to Remove -How Your Identity Connects to Your Ego -Your Karmic Journey  

All of your experiences are tied to your karmic journey. You have a karmic map which is contains the unique emotional journey you are here to experience. Understanding your karma helps you gain greater wisdom and awareness.  

-Understanding Your Karmic Journey -Why You Selected Your Specific Path -How Your Karma was Created -How to Get Off the Negative Karmic Wheel -Your Chakra Energy System  

Here's what the experts are saying about Joe's work:

"Joe shows you how to seamlessly combine spiritual energy principles in all areas of your life. This is not about techniques, he shows you how to make internal changes that will impact your outside world. For my money, this is the best program out there for people who want to make changes now." Dr. Joe Vitale, Author of the "Attractor Factor" and many other titles "Joe Nunziata has discovered the secrets to success and abundance: that it comes from within and is created by your thoughts and feelings. His techniques are easy to follow, and essential in helping you attain your true business potential. He knows that being successful is not about how many hours you work, but how you see yourself on your most basic level." Susan Kerr, spiritual counselor, and author of "The System for Soul Memory" "If you are tired of the push and pull that comes with traditional methods of making changes, Joe Nunziata can really help you. The principles Joe teaches are based on attraction rather than force. His approach is not some pie in the sky theory. Rather, he skillfully shows how you can begin making positive changes right now. More business and a better life than you dreamed possible." Kathleen Gage author of "The Law of Achievement"

You Will Leave this Event Empowered

  • You are probably familiar with this Biblical saying, "Give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime." My work revolves this concept. I want you to become empowered and have the tools to make changes on your own. We all require some help from time to time but ultimately you realize that the power is within you. Moving forward requires the clearing of negative energy at your core. Your energy and patterns are held in your Chakras. All of your perceived problems are a result of energy that is trapped in one of your energy points or Chakras. To make positive long-term changes, you must clear this energy. As the energy is cleared you are releasing the negative energy and changing your vibration. Your new vibration will attract different things in your life. Every time you clear energy you move your vibration to a higher level. This is a process you will go through for the rest of your life. It is not about changing on the's about changing on the inside.

Discover a Life Changing Energy Clearing Process that will help you Release the Negative Energy and Limiting Beliefs that are Holding You Back in Life

Chakra Energy System Clearing  

All of your energy is held in your Chakra Energy System. This energy creates a vibration, your unique energy signature, which goes out to the world and creates your life. This is the premise of the Law of Attraction. You are creating your life based on this energy, your feelings and beliefs.  

Clearing Your Negative Energy  

This is the key to the entire process. Until your negative energy is cleared at the core Chakra level you will continue to repeat old patterns and create the same results. We will use a series of meditations to bring up your blocked feelings and then clear the energy that is holding you back. As this energy is cleared you will be recoding your DNA and creating a new vibration of energy. This new, higher vibration is the key to attracting the people and opportunities you desire.  

-Powerful Energy Clearing Meditations -How to Release the Negative Energy at the Core Level -What to Expect in the Transition Process -The Keys to Refocusing Your Energy to Create What You Desire 


After the negative energy is cleared we will restore you with positive energy and beliefs. The restoration becomes more powerful over time as you clear more of the old negative energy you have been carrying your entire life.  

-How to Elevate Your Energy Daily -How to Transition to Your New Identity -The Keys to Making Successful, Lasting Changes -How to Consistently Maintain High Levels of Energy and more  

Here's what attendees are saying:

"Your work is so inspirational and helpful and gave me the strength to tell myself and the universe that I do want change and I know it will be hard but I am willing to make the change happen. That following Monday, I used my newfound confidence when I interviewed for a new position. Two days later I was given the offer. I start my new job and my new life on November 30 with a better company, better pay, and better benefits. I just wanted to thank you for sharing with others your knowledge and for inspiring people that we can change and giving us to tools to make that happen. Thank you again. I am very very grateful to you." Lynn Sogi - California "From my first conversation with Joe, my practice started to change. It was as if my attraction level was raised just by talking to him. I am attracting more of my ideal clients now and more than that, I'm getting more and more clear on how to market myself. Even more, Joe armed me with the emotional support and technical tools necessary to identify my goals and make them a reality. I am creating a totally new company that is much more focused, effective and productive. Thank you Joe!" Stacy Francis, Francis Financial "I love the high energy I receive from Joe's programs and events. I leave with this energy and really hold on to it. The amazing thing is how making these adjustments has made such a difference in all aspects of my life." Alex Iannece, Wholesale Food

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Regular Rate $333 Register Early and Save Now Only $222 or 2 payments of $115 (first payment now second in 30 days-pay-plan is credit cards only) Earlybird Rate Expires on Friday, February 2, 2018 

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